Dirty joke: Mom gets angry after her 18-year-old daughter gets pregnant

In newspapers and television today, we see lots of tips and tricks on how to stay healthy and fit. There are diets involving all kinds of foods and exercises you never knew even existed.

Of course, it is good to eat healthy food and exercise from time to time. However, most of us probably forget the most important ingredient for a long and happy life – laughter.

Life is too short to go around wasting time over little things. It’s much better to spend your time laughing and enjoying the company of your loved ones. As the old saying goes – Laugh Lots, Live Longer!

That’s why today we brought you one of our favorite funny stories to help you smile – get your sides ready!

Marie was 18 years old and in her final year of high school. She was now in her last semester and close to the summer break.

“How did it happen”

One day Marie came home with a concerned face and asked to talk in private with her mom.

They sat down in the kitchen. Marie took a deep breath and said:

“Mom. I’m pregnant.”

“What?! Oh no! How could this happen?!” Exclaimed the mother indignantly.

mom and daughter
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“Mom, it was in a school project…”

Marie looked nervously at her mother and explained.

“Yes, well… It happened during a project about how life comes to be. You know how kids are born and that kind of stuff,” said Marie.

“Yes, okay then I think I understand where this is going. But who is the father then?” The mom wondered while looking at her daughter. 

Marie answered:

“I don’t know… it was a group project.”

The end is NSFW (Not Safe For Work) but it made me laugh out loud!

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