Dirty joke: Woman has one of her boobs hanging out

Jokes have been an important part of humanity since time immemorial. It is unclear exactly where or when the first joke was born. But many of us probably remember how our grandpa, uncle, or father told us our first dirty joke.

What happens in fictional stories is just that, fictional. Of course, there are sensitive topics, and we should be careful with what we say. However, as long as the intent and context are in the right place, we can enjoy any joke.

With that said, here comes a funny story with a sprinkle of NSFW goodness – laugh on!

A middle-aged man, Peter, leaves the local bar late at night and sees a young, good-looking woman with very large breasts. However, it seems like one of her boobs is hanging out.

One of her boobs is hanging out
The woman in the picture is unrelated to the story

One of her boobs is out

Peter quickly approaches the woman, politely stops her, and asks:

“Hello Ma’am, do you understand one of your boobs is hanging out of your blouse?”

However, the woman seems to be a bit absent-minded and looks at Peter confused. Then asks:


“One of your breasts is out miss!” Peter answers crudely to get the message across.

Oh shit!

It seems that the woman finally understands. Her eyes get wide open as she seems to panic. But instead, she turns her head and looks in the direction she came from.

“Oh shit! I left my baby on the bus!” 

What a funny punchline – it was probably not what the man had expected, or hoped for. Such a hilarious joke!

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