Family stops using toilet paper – now they wipe their asses with the childrens’ clothes

Toilet paper, one of humanity’s most underrated inventions. Of course, is simple and effective, making it a vital part of our lives. Yet we give it for granted, like many other small commodities that we have. Getting used to things so we can move to the next goal it’s a part of evolution. Nothing wrong with that.

With that said, most people use toilet paper, at least, that’s what I thought. However, a family from the UK have stopped using toilet paper. Instead, they use cloths made from old clothes and washable wipes to clean themselves.

Their odd toilet solution has stirred controversy online.

The mother of three, Hazel Newhouse, says they save about £100 (about $130) per year after she convinced her family to abandon the idea of toilet paper – and instead use washable wipes and fabric from old clothes, reports The Sun.

Felt perfectly natural

It all started when this mother-of-3, worried about the family use of toilet paper, which had grown to four rolls per week – and then the solution hit her. There is something else in the house that you can use to “clean yourself up” after going to the bathroom.

wipes toilet paper
Image: Wikimedia Commons

In the beginning, they used washable napkins when going number 1 and toilet paper for number 2, but over time the family switched completely to using cloth pieces.

“We’d got used to the idea of using cloth for wee, so we just moved on to using it all the time,” Hazel Newhouse told the news site.

“We have a sealed tub by the loo where the used wipes go.” She explained, “and I literally hold it into the washing machine to empty it out. I don’t have to touch or smell a thing!”

“A shock”

Relatives and friends have had to adapt to the family’s toilet routine when they visit.

“One family member came over with a roll at Christmas. The fact that we wanted our visitors to use our wipes was a shock to her,” said Hazel Newhouse, however, she admits there is actually an extra toilet roll for emergencies.

wipes toilet paper bathroom

The mother not only claims this saves money and is good for the environment – but she also thinks that her cloths are even more comfortable.

“Now, when I visit friends and use toilet paper, it feels very coarse in comparison. Plus, I feel a lot cleaner when using cloth wipes – you can wet them too if necessary, so it’s like having a wash,” concluded Hazel Newhouse.

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