Funny joke: Insensitive husband gets some karma after making fun of his wife’s behind

Funny joke: Insensitive husband gets some karma after making fun of his wife’s behind

During this pandemic, it is very important to keep working towards making your loved ones happy. Otherwise, pent up stress and anger will come out bursting when you are locked together in the same place for so long. There is no better time to make peace and re-build the basic foundation of your family, be it your kids, parents, or significant other.

For example, the couple in this fictional story, or joke, desperately needed to renew the spark of their marriage. But what happened instead, turns out to be one of the most hilarious things I’ve read in the past few months.

The wife’s revenge at the end is brutal – and surely showed who would have the last laugh!

An elderly couple from Minnesota who’d been married for over 40 years is working on their garden.

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The wife kneels over to get out some weeds, her husband, not missing the opportunity to look at her butt, says:

“Dammit woman, you need to lose some weight! Your ass’s ’bout as big as our grill!”

The wife’s revenge

To make things worse, the old man put his hands on the sides of her behind, and then, without moving his arms, he goes over to their grill and lines up his hands on its sides.

He lets a mocking laugh burst out and says:

“What did I tell ya? Exactly the same!”

The old lady was furious and left her husband to finish the rest of the yard work on his own. She gave him the cold shoulder for the rest of the day.

At night when they got in bed, the old man put his hand on his wife’s leg wondering if she was up for some “action”.

The wife, still angry about the joke, turned her back on him, clearly showing her discontent.

“What’s the matter with you?” He asked.

But then, her frown changed into a cheeky smile; she saw a splendid opportunity for revenge and took it. 

She replied:

“Do you really think I’m going to fire up this grill for a little sausage?”

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