Funny story: Obnoxious man harasses Redneck Ray, but his glorious payback has me in stitches

We’ve all heard that “violence is never the answer”. Now, I grew up with 3 brothers, so I know that’s not true. My younger brother would hide the TV remote when my favorite program was about to start, and my older brother would sometimes tease me all day.

In those situations, a little bit of violence was definitely the answer, and I think most siblings feel the same way. The man in this story sure agrees with me – in an absolutely hilarious way! Pass this story on if the last line made you smile!

One early afternoon in a Houston pub, Redneck Ray is sitting at the bar, silently nursing a beer. Suddenly, a big burly man walks in and hits Ray on the back so hard that he falls off his stool.

“That was a karate chop from Korea,” the big rude man says proudly.


The situation escalates

Ray sighs, gets up and brushes the dust off his clothes. Then he sits down on the stool and continues to enjoy his beer.

Suddenly, he gets hit so hard that he flies into the wall.

“That was a Kung Fu punch from Cambodia,” chuckles the big man.

Ray had had enough. He gets up, brushes off the dust and calmly leaves the pub.

After about 30 minutes Ray returns, walks up behind the big guy who is now sitting at the bar, and whacks him so hard behind his ear that he blacks out.

Ray looks at the bartender and says:

“When he wakes up, why don’t you tell him that was a crowbar from the hardware store in Houston.”

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