Here’s the world’s largest turd – worth $39,000
poop turd viking fossil

Here’s the world’s largest turd – worth $39,000

Pooping, eating and sleeping are the basic functions of a human being, a very natural process. We put food in one end, use it as fuel to work, and waste comes out on the other end.

When you take a poop or, if you are too fancy for informal words, do number two. After you are done, you flush everything down the toilet and move on with your life.

But the fact is that a well-preserved poop can be very interesting to study. Like The Lloyd Bank Coprolite for example, which is the world’s largest – and most expensive – fossil poop ever found, writes The Vintage News.

The Lloyds Bank Coprolite is no ordinary turd. Archaeologists found it in York, England. Under the Lloyds Bank during an excavation in 1972, and it dates back to roughly the 9th century.

Huge fossil feces

One reason this particular human dung has caught the interest of many researchers is its massive size. The turd measures 8″ x 2″, which is surprisingly big. If you consider that people were much smaller back in those days.

The size of the feces means that there is room for all kinds of research. As it is extremely unusual to find such a well-preserved fossilized poop.

What archaeologists were able to find, is that the giant turd comes from a Viking that had a diet full of meat and grains – alongside and infestation of intestinal parasite worms.

The parasites were a result of the terrible diet people followed back during those times.

Valued $39,000

When the Vikings were in control of the land, it was quite common to have parasites and researchers have found that people often suffered from severe stomach pains and diarrhea.

As this fossil turd is so rare, the value of it has risen to an absurd $ 39,000.

Today, the Viking poop is on display at the Jórvík Viking Center in York, England.

poop turd viking fossil
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

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