Joke: Young woman gets scared inside a hardware store

Even though technology can be really clever, sometimes it feels like it makes us more stupid! Of course, technology is great, but for some, especially the elderly, it can be challenging to use it.

With that in mind, many mistakes and misunderstandings occur when people don’t understand technology, which can be hilarious!

The funny story below touches on this topic. However, it’s about a young girl instead of a grandma or grandpa.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

A beautiful 20-year-old lumberjack walks into the local hardware store looking for a chainsaw.

After greeting and talking for a while with the attractive and well-built woman, the shopkeeper picks out the newest chainsaw in the store.

Image source: Facebook

“Can cut down 100 trees in a day”

He proudly hands it to her and says:

“This one can cut down 100 trees in a day.”

The lumberjack, impressed by this, buys the chainsaw and returns to her farm in the mountains. She then starts working in the forest next to it.

“There must be something wrong”

However, after a full day’s work, she only manages to bring down a single tree.

Angry, she goes back to the same shop the next morning.

“This is a complete rip-off. I only managed to cut down one tree after a whole day!” says the woman angrily as she slams the chainsaw on the metal desk.

“Really?” Replies the storekeeper in surprise. “It seems to be in perfect condition to me!”

He pulls the cord and starts the engine to investigate what could be wrong, only for the lumberjack to suddenly jump back in surprise.


That’s what can happen when you don’t understand technology!

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