Police man suddenly makes 1 small gesture – the dogs response is like nothing you’ve seen

Some dogs can be very, very intelligent. It can be truly stunning to see all the things they are able to do.
But there are dogs that are even smarter – like the German shepherd in the video below.

One of the things that really impresses me is the way a trained dog are able to learn new instructions and perform even the most advanced tricks.

I remember trying to train our family dog when I was growing up, but the most advanced he was able to learn was pressing the “play”-button for the TV. Which, to be honest, proved pretty useful on those lazy days in the couch…


A lot of people try to learn their dogs stuff because it’s funny. But there’s also dogs that actually perform these things for a living – I’m of course talking about our uniformed friends: The police dogs.

3,6 million views

Police dogs go through extensive training and are able to perform the most wonderful things. It’s not hard to understand why they are so highly regarded and valued among their human colleagues

If you doubt what police dogs are able to do a quick look at this clip should be all the proof you need to change your mind. No wonder 3,6 million people all over the world has watched the clip!


The dog is lying still on the ground when suddenly the police man makes 1 small gesture. What happens next has the police man behind the camera crying with laughter!

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