People are making Donald Trump photos with extremely long tie – to annoy the president

People are making Donald Trump photos with extremely long tie – to annoy the president

Donald Trump has always been controversial, always in some dispute, argument, lawsuit, etc. But when he was elected to be the 45th President of the United States, everything escalated quickly.

As the world’s perhaps most powerful man, he is now in the spotlight constantly.

Trump’s values ​​and thoughts about how a country should work got a lot of people furious. Building a wall on the Mexican border is just one of several proposals that have ignited arguments and conflicts throughout the world, but there is no doubt that the president of the USA has confidence in himself.

In the position he now is, one has to get used to the fact the entire world will see everything you do – in every single way possible. The whole thing is so absurd that it can reach bizarre levels.

For some time now, someone has been posting often on the Twitter account “Trump’s Ties”, which consists of edited photos of the president. It may not sound that interesting, but this person has, as the name suggests, chosen to focus precisely on the president’s ties.

Very talented

The owner of the account has photoshopped pictures, probably with the help of others, to exaggerate the length of Trump’s ties so they look absurdly long. There are different theories behind it – one is that it’s a metaphor about Trump’s “ties” with Russia (since it’s quite a popular topic nowadays) – whatever the reason, they are hilarious to look at!

It‘s a strange thing to spend time on, but on the other hand, I have to say this person is really talented – That’s why I can’t stop laughing when I see these pictures!

The whole thing has exploded online all over the world, and most people seem to think it is incredibly funny. Do you think the president himself saw it? He is actually quite active on Twitter.

If that’s the case, it wouldn’t surprise me if I see him explode with anger, or even laugh at it!

You never know with this man.

Below you can see a compilation of this talented person’s creations!

Trump president ties trump president ties

Image source (all): Trump’s Ties / Twitter

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