17 babies who ruined their family photos

Babies are wonderful and adorable, but they also have a knack for inconveniencing their parents at just the wrong time. A little poo here, a little pee there – and soon you discover that being a parent isn’t all sunshine and roses.

As a new mother or father, there’s nothing you want more than to proudly show your baby to the world. Some are happy to take photos with their smartphones, while others go to a professional studio.

However, no matter where you take the photo, babies have a tendency to play pranks on you as soon as someone whips out a camera – that’s why we’ve compiled 17 of the best pictures ever of babies “ruining” their would-be perfect family photos.

Sometimes little accidents happen, but kids are still wonderful!

1. The world’s happiest dad – for a few seconds…

Source: kirstygrantphotographer

2. Mom and Dad: “Hahaha!”

Dog: “So this is my life now…”

Source: Facebook

3. Another happy dad…

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4. World’s cutest family photo?

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5. Little Asher lets loose…

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6. The baby thought the photo was a bit too dry

Source: boredpanda

7. Two out of three look delighted, while the father is still processing what has happened…

Source: reddit

8. Right in the kisser!

Source: boredpanda

9. Extreme accuracy!

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10. Things didn’t go according to plan…

Source: awkwardfamilyphotos

11. You carry him in your belly for 9 months, and this is the thanks you get…

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12. The kids’ first Christmas photo

Source: imgur

13. Oops…

Source: flickr

14. “I love my son, I love my son…”

Source: Wally Downes (Twitter)

15. A happy and mischievous little boy!

Source: fimaphotography

16. The dad is taking it like a champ!

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17. Literally a baby shower!

Source: pinterest

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