11 idiots that forgot to wear proper clothing during the summer

We are in the middle of summer break. Most of us have taken the opportunity to sunbathe on balconies, lawns, and the beach to enjoy the nice weather. However, as it is August already, the warmness of summer will soon start to fade away.

Thankfully, we all have made the most out of the warm weather. Well, most of us have, at least.

A few people always forget to wear sun protection. And even if they remember, it is difficult to cover everything that might be directly under the sun.

A seemingly common mistake this summer is to go out wearing ripped jeans. You know, the ones that are always popular with young people, with a lot of holes in them.

I don’t use them myself, but it seems to be quite trendy—and now there is evidence that there is a price to pay if you use this type of jeans.

Recently, a new online trend caught traction. It’s about people taking pictures after burning themselves in the sun wearing ripped jeans. Their intention, obviously, is to take their misfortune with a bit of humor and share a laugh with the world.

It looks terrible, but at least we can all laugh together about it!

Just check out these 11 pictures!

If you don’t know, this is what we mean by ripped jeans!

1. You can see the marks of regret!

2. Ouch, ouch, ouch!

3. They look like cuts!

4. It hurts just looking at it!

5. “Wearing ripped jeans will be fine!” they said

6. 100 pink lines!

7. If only there was clothing to avoid this

8. Ugh, that must hurt!

9. Well… it’s not a knee, technically…

10. These look like they shine in the dark

11. Maybe you can brag about your edgy tan?

Stop using ripped jeans this summer! But, more importantly, make sure you protect yourself from the sun! Now press that share button below and spread this vital information around!