13 complete dumbasses that will make you feel like a true genius

Sometimes we don’t think things through – and they go wrong, but we learn from our mistakes.

However, there are those just don’t think at all. Either because they are always distracted, or because they aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Then things usually don’t go as planned either way.

Thankfully, it usually doesn’t end in disaster. Often, with a good conscience, you can laugh at your loved ones’ awkward situations.

Therefore, we have listed 13 pictures here that prove that there are dummies just everywhere!

Look at these dumbasses – and feel smarter than ever before!

1. Difficult to get to your destination here.

2. Just a few million down the drain…

3. Feels very safe…

4. Here you can swing and… die?

Number 13 is a genius

5. More than washing their hands. They wanted a snack it seems.

6. Extra security for this door.

7. Tetris for dumbasses!

8. This is a perfect mixture between desperation and not thinking things through…

9. The beautiful story of the rise and fall of “The swinging teenager”

10. That’s not how it works…

11. Close enough!

12. When it gets boring to fill up with gas, you have to give yourself a challenge.

13. To pump the tires with a fire extinguisher – why hasn’t anyone thought of that before?

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