13 ingenious ads that make advertising fun

Most people don’t like ads. We turn off the sound on the TV during commercials, we scroll past ads on the web. But some ads are so ingenious that you just can’t help but admire the creative thought that went into them.

Making good ads is an art like any other. We’ve compiled a list of 13 ingenious ads that will make you do a double-take and nod in appreciation. Done right, they can be quite fun!

1. McDonald’s crossing

Source: McDonald’s

2. Miele vacuum cleaners – the road to a clean house

Source: Miele

3. Kleenex tissues

Source: Kleenex

4. This is an actual Ferris wheel!

Source: Adidas

5. KitKat bar

Source: Kitkat

6. Nike – don’t just sit around, just do it!

Source: Nike

7. Nationwide Insurance – for life’s mishaps

Source: Nationwide

Number 11 is ingenious

8. Kraken Black Spiced Rum

Source: Kraken Rum

9. Thanks for making my nightmares a reality, National Geographic…

Source: National Geographic

10. Product against hair loss

Source: Nature’s Plus

11. Steaming hot Folgers coffee on manhole covers

Source: Folgers Coffee

12. Ricola cough drops: unwrap your voice

Source: Ricola

13. Warm wishes from the Drybar hair salon

Source: The Dry Bar

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