13 jerks that failed at creating a Christmas atmosphere – number 7 had me laughing so hard

13 jerks that failed at creating a Christmas atmosphere – number 7 had me laughing so hard

Celebrating Christmas is one of the best things during the year! You get to meet your family and see those relatives that live on the other side of the country and you miss so much, all while having wonderful food and drinks.

However, there’s a lot that needs to be done before enjoying this special day. The food, decorations, tickets, driving, gifts. A lot of work.

Sometimes it gets a little awkward when something goes wrong while preparing for Christmas. I could be a misunderstanding or simply someone just being a little clumsy — but regardless of that, it’s always fun for an outsider.

Here are 13 people who failed at creating a Christmas atmosphere!

1. This individual was a little too eager to open his Christmas present

Christmas jerks 1
2. Someone didn’t think how to wrap the vacuum cleaner through

Christmas jerks 2
3. Destiny had a different plan for this banana cake

Christmas jerks 3
4. These napkins don’t feel that Christmasy…

Christmas jerks 4
5. These lights design is… ballsy?

Christmas jerks 5
6. Buying the Christmas tree online might not have been the best choice…

Christmas jerks 6
7. Let’s hide the Christmas presents on the plaster ceiling, what could go wrong?

Christmas jerks 7
8. Someone forgot to close the window while shopping for Christmas presents…

Christmas jerks 8
9. This person decided to hit the Christmas dinner table to be funny… hilarious!!

Christmas jerks 9
10. These Christmas cookies didn’t go as planned.

Christmas jerks 10
11. Bad Christmas kitties!

Christmas jerks 11
12. The person in charge of setting up the Christmas lighting didn’t notice…

Christmas jerks 12
13. Never leave the one in charge of the lights hanging!

Christmas jerks 13
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