13 carpenters that should be fired immediately – number 9 “takes the cake”

Working as a craftsman is no easy job, one must be precise, careful, able to think logically and solve many complex problems.

But as with all occupations, sometimes mistakes happen, and it’s understandable, given the complexity of building something.

But sometimes, when you see extreme results, you wonder how the hell did they end up like that.

Below we have 13 people that had a bad day at work.

1. “Take the stairs until you hit a wall.” Literally.

2. “There’s no secret door here.”

3. What a well placed post!

4. I hope that building never gets caught in a fire!

5. A well-placed gate I must say!

6. What a useful structure!

7. “This bench looks comfortable.” Said no one ever.

8. “Come, I wanna check some clothes on the 2nd floor.”

9. Why though?

10. Someone is getting fired!

11. “I just need to wash my hands…”

12. “This is not what I expected when he said half a bathroom.”

13. Mistakes were made.

These pictures are so funny! Because it’s hard to understand how did it go so wrong!

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