16 people who took their eyebrows to the next level

Everyone on this planet is unique, and we all have our own tools to change our appearance. Some, however, try really hard to stand out over the rest, and sometimes, while searching for that new look, things can go wrong.

I can get really, really bad. But looking at it with positivity, it can also be quite funny!

These people in the pictures below have decided to take their eyebrows to the next level, which is obviously okay and something to look up to, following your goals no matter what.

With that said, here are 15 people who really went crazy with their eyebrows – have fun!

1. Aren’t those too high?


2. A work of precision, I see!


3. What’s better than two eyebrows? A unibrow!


4. They are almost touching!


5. Wha..?


6. How to be surprised and disappointed at once


7. It looks like her eyebrows were running out of ink


8. A fine eyebrows vine!

9. Classy!

10. Less is better… right?

11. A superhero in the making!

12. What is even going on here?

13. At least they are symmetrical…?

14. Angled eyebrows, the new trend?

15. How many eyebrows are there?!

16. Ah. The old “I did my own eyebrows”!

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