17 people who shouldn’t be allowed to use spray tan ever again

As we approach winter, it is time for fake tans to start popping up again. It gives the impression the person just went on a great vacation. To the beaches of Hawaii for a couple of weeks, perhaps. Just in time to get back and feel the envy of others towards your suntanned skin.

However, most people that spray tan go for cheap options, and the results leave a lot to be desired. Add to that the current worldwide pandemic situation, and the only possible answer left becomes “fake tan.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against it. Spray tan has been very trendy for a while – but expecting others to think you got it naturally is a bit naive.

Nevertheless, it can also provide a tremendous amount of entertainment when overdone or done poorly.

These “fails” crack me up – it’s like a person walking around with an embarrassing tattoo, but it goes away. So you can laugh at their bad decisions without having to feel bad for the person.

With that in mind, here is a list of 16 people who should never be allowed near spray tan ever again!

1. I could barely tell it wasn’t his original skin color…

Spray tan 01

2. Looks like anything but a tan…

3. How to emulate a crime scene, step 1: buy spray tan

Spray tan 03

4. Did she take a dive through the mud before the party?

Spray tan 05

5. Air kisses is all she’ll get with that spray tan…

6. Nice look!

Spray tan 07

7. Great for leaving your handprints everywhere!

8. The kiss of darkness!

9. Crying or spray tan, you can only pick one!

10. Maybe do your body as well?

Spray tan 11

11. Invest a bit more on something you put on your face…

12. The Three Tanned Stooges!

Spray tan 13

13. Sweat might betray you…

14. Maybe she got there 2 weeks before the rest of the family?

15. A bodybuilding or Spray tan competition?

16. What happens if you mix Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and a can of Spray tan?

Spray tan 17

What a bunch of looneys! I hope for their own sake that they stay away from any tanning product in the future!

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