19 dumbasses who should be fired straight away – number 11 made me facepalm

19 dumbasses who should be fired straight away – number 11 made me facepalm

No matter what profession you have, some parts of the job are harder than others.

If something goes wrong with one of the complicated parts, it’s understandable, after all, it’s a difficult task.

But if something goes wrong with the simplest of chores, it’s just unforgivable.

Here are 19 people who failed extraordinarily at their jobs. How did things go so wrong?

1. Well, how do I even use this?

2. Who needs the entire drawer anyway?

3. A house well cushioned I say!

4. “I wonder why my train is taking so long?”

5. “I guess I’ll take the elevator instead.”

6. The gardener just had to trim the tree a little…

7. The person behind this should look for a different job.

8. Huge finger puppets! But they remind me of…

9. A Well-placed drainage!

10. Safest slide ever, yup.

11. So much legroom!

12. “There’s no need for an alarm, we have it covered.”

13. Someone is definitely getting fired

14. Ah, such a magnificent piece, reminds me of the Mona Lisa.

15. This t-shirt designer needs to go back to school.

16. For when you want to shower in the middle of the park.

17. “All animals must be able to reproduce, so bring those two MALE lions aboard the Ark.”

18. Left, right, is it really that hard?

19. “Mom, I’m going to the playground!”
“Okay sweetie, be careful!”

These pictures are so funny! I can’t understand how things went so wrong!

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