5 reasons why you should never keep a glass of water by your bed

Drinking plenty of water every day is important for several reasons. Water helps us keep our skin moist, stay infection-free, keep our bodies at an adequate temperature, and maintain our intestines healthy.

In addition, water is the best way to hydrate. It feels great to drink some cold H2O after a good workout!

Today, it is quite common to have a glass of water on the bedside table during the night. This way you always have water close by if you wake up a little thirsty.

But is it healthy to have a glass of water just sitting overnight? Here are five reasons to stop that – and they might be more important than you think.

1. The water gets dirty

If the water is left uncovered during the night, dust and other particles will accumulate over the surface, and eventually inside of it.

In the worst case, flies and other insects can fly and fall into it during the night, which you may miss when you sleepily reach for the glass when you wake up.

2. Water can become a bacterial hotbed

If you take a sip of water from the glass before you fall asleep, your mouth will leave lots of bacteria on the glass, which multiply during the night.

When you then drink the same water in the morning, you will ingest all these bacteria. Not so nice, right?

3. Electrical damage

Today, it is very common to have your phone charging on the nightstand, right next to where you would put your water glass.

If for some reason, during the night, you accidentally knock over your water, it could be dangerous with electronics around.

glass of water
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4. Tastes worse in the morning

Anyone who has drunk water sitting out overnight knows that it tastes worse than it did freshly poured.

This is because carbon dioxide is absorbed by the water, changing its pH value. Making the water taste a little more acidic in the morning. It’s not dangerous, but maybe not so pleasant.

5. It can impair your sleep

Having a glass of water by the bed can be good if you get thirsty overnight, as you do not have to walk to the kitchen to get a drink.

However, drinking water during the night can also, of course, make you want to urinate later on, which still means that you have to get up and visit the bathroom.

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