Artist paints cute animals on stones – the results are more than impressive

In this beautiful planet that we share, anywhere you look, you can see art.

Some might be strange, difficult to understand or odd. But that’s what art it’s about; perspective, opinion, and taste are things that change from person to person, therefore, a masterpiece for one individual could be the most bizarre thing to another one.

Art, paintings, sculptures and similar are not attractive to everyone, but it’s always fascinating to see the things people can do with only their hands and some tools.

Some artists can create something great out of very little. Like the Japanese artist Akie Nakata. When she looks at a small stone, unlike most people, she doesn’t see a gray and boring rock – she sees a canvas, filled with a world of possibilities.

She’s made a name for herself online for turning stones into small animals with her impressive skills. It might sound strange, but you’ll understand once you see the photos below. Her creations are breathtaking and it’s hard not to be amazed.

I can look at them for hours – I would love to get a hold of one of these cute little creations. Although I usually don’t feel so attracted to art, I must admit that this almost made me fall off my chair.

Here are some of Akie Nakata’s best stones – after their animal transformation!


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Thank you for reading my earlier post about my recent experience. Some of you have also sent me some encouraging messages, each of which I read with gratitude. I might not be responding to individual message; please accept my "heart icon" to your message as a thank-you from me. I will now focus my attention on working with each and every stone I encounter and creating my art, not discouraged by someone else heartlessly copying my style. Thank you. To express my appreciation, I am posting my recent work. Bluebird painted on a natural shaped stone. This sweet bluebird has a perfect 3D shape all around, and is palm sized: W40 x D35 x H35mm. One of a kind "happy piece." Hope he makes you smile, and see you again when I return! #bluebird #thankful #painting #art #stoneart #stonepainting #rockart #rockpainting #paintedstones #naturalshape

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I received a book from the Netherlands. "Paradijsvogels Magazine,"a Dutch online magazine, focused on art, nature, travel, and creativity, published its first book in print in December 2017. I am honored to have some of my art work selected to be included in this book. For me it is the first time that my art is featured in a book. I opened the beautiful book to find wonderful art work by different artists. I felt thrilled and exhilarated to see my stones among them, smiling as they seem to be on my palm. I just wanted to share this wonderful news with you. With gratitude to everyone at Paradijsvogels Magazine. Akie (Photos posted with permission from the publisher) @paradijsvogelsmag オランダから一冊の本が届きました。 芸術、自然、旅行、創造性について書いているオランダのオンラインマガジン"Paradijsvogels Magazine"が、2017年の12月に最初の本を出版しました。 大変光栄なことに、紹介するアート作品にわたしの作品も選んで頂きました。本への掲載はわたしにとって初めてです。 美しい本をめくると溢れる素晴らしいアーティスト達の作品。その中でわたしの手のひらの上で微笑んでいるような石たちを眺めて、幸せでいっぱいになりました。 この素晴らしい知らせを皆さんにお伝えしたくて。。 Paradijsvogels Magazineの皆様に感謝を込めて。 Akie (写真掲載に当たっては、出版社の許可を得ています) #art #akie #stoneart #stonepainting #rockart #rockpainting #painting #drawing #wildlife #animal #hippo #elephant #paradijsvogelsmagazine

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