Feel Better about yourself: Here are the 15 worst jobs on the planet

Are you tired of your job? Of course, doing the same thing for 10 or 20 years can get tedious, especially now that most jobs involve sitting at a desk and staring into a screen all day. 

However, the grass always looks greener on the other side, right? You don’t know what you have until you lose it.

I’m not going to tell you to suck it up and get on with your job. Instead, why not look at those that have it worse? Maybe seeing other people’s struggles will make you find a new appreciation for your cushy desk job.

We all know there are jobs that no one enjoys doing. And as proof of that, here is a list showcasing 15 of the worst jobs in the world.

Indeed, your current job has to be better than being a:

1. Target Holder

jobs 001

Holding something people will shoot real bullets at for minimum wages. I guess you could maybe enjoy it if you were an adrenaline junkie. In China, this still is an actual job—but understandably, the job doesn’t include any health (or life) insurance. I’m pretty sure they’d be running at a loss if it did.

2. Food Taster

Photo: Stephanie Pilick — Image by © Stephanie Pilick/dpa/Corbis

Yes, at first, it doesn’t sound bad at all—however, the job is more specifically dog and cat food taster. Not that attractive anymore, huh? This may be a good career choice for those who are not very picky with their food.

3. Armpits Smeller

jobs 003

Some people used to earn their keep by smelling other people’s armpits—not really something I would love to do. The official job description is “Deodorant Tester,” but that doesn’t make it any better.

4. Forensic entomology

Would you like to work around dead people all the time? No? Me neither. Forensic entomologists study the life cycles of insects and bugs found in deceased bodies. It is currently one of the most accurate ways to determine the time that has passed between someone’s death and the present.

5. Sewer unblockers (in India)

jobs 005

In some Asian countries, the sewer systems leave a lot to be desired. The man in the picture works daily cleaning drains—to stop them from flooding the streets. Now that’s someone who deserves a long shower after work.

6. Elephant Inseminator

A tough job, but somebody has to do it. Check out the face of the man on the right. That poor soul knows that soon he’ll have to put on the plastic suit and “dive in.”

7. Cow Simulator Driver

jobs 007

Evidently, it’s not enough to have a cow replica. For the best results, when collecting bull semen, you must simulate the movements of a real cow. It’s also a bonus if the person behind the wheel growls sensually while driving.

8. Dildo Stylist

This is a tough one. It is crucial to make the glands, veins, and skin as attractive as possible. Not something I dream of doing, but still not as bad as other jobs on this list.

9. Telecom Technician (in China)

jobs 009

An extremely difficult job that includes electrocution risks. This job has it all—in a negative sense. I feel sorry for the workers, some of the many unrecognized heroes of society. We should treasure them more!

10. Manure Expert

Disgusting, yet a vital job for farming. Your task is to collect feces from different animals. Then test the samples to check that they’re free from harmful bacteria and parasites. Of course, the last thing you want is to damage the crops.

11. Horse food chewer?

jobs 011

Yes, you read that right. James “Bud” Williams from Carterville wants to hire a horse food grinder (or chewer?!). A pretty old ad, but I guess the job is still vacant if you are feeling chewy.

13. Normal Scarecrow

It might not be so fun to stand still getting pooped on by birds on a field all day, but on the other hand, it can suit young people that are just standing and staring at their phones all day. Besides, it’s good to get some fresh air. Would I take it? Not in my life.

14. Public Bathrooms Plumber

jobs 014

Maybe this is not one of the jobs you dreamed of when you were little. However, not many positions allow you to walk knee-deep in poop and piss. On the other hand, you will always have a toilet close by if you need to go.

15. Horse Semen Collector

Many say they would love to work with animals. But I’m guessing there are some limits to this statement. I know it is for a good purpose, but unfortunately, I can’t just see myself in this job position.

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