Get fit and lose the Christmas weight – these sex positions will help you

Get fit and lose the Christmas weight – here are the sex positions that burn the most calories

Christmas is finally approaching, with everything that the occasion entails. Even if it is a bit special this year, you can hopefully still spend it with a few loved ones, enjoying good food and drinks.

However, with all the delicious food and drinks continuously available during Christmas, it’s relatively easy to put on some extra weight. Letting go of all the limits to celebrate, even if it feels like heaven, does not come without consequences.

But if you want to get rid of those Christmas pounds, you can always try to burn them out. There are many ways to burn calories, but the best one by far, in my honest opinion, is sex – and with that said, here are the sex positions that burn the most calories.

Going out for a run in December, during the darkest and coldest time of the year, doesn’t really sound very inviting. And we must stay away from the gym to reduce the spread of the virus. At least until the vaccination has reached a decent percentage of the population.

The sex positions that burn the most

But by being a little resourceful in the bedroom, you can still lose that extra weight from the holidays. According to The SunGolfsupport has conducted a survey where they provided 112 couples with Fitbits to measure which sex positions burn the most calories.

The top burning sex position, where both the man and the woman burn the most together, is called The Butter Churner.

Christmas sex positions: The Butter Churner
Image source: Golf support

The position requires a lot from both parties. Still, after 30 minutes of sex in this position, the woman burns 179 calories and the man a full 211 calories.

“If you do this position intensely, the woman can burn up to 224 calories,” the site wrote, according to The Sun.

The best position for women

As a woman, if you want to burn as many calories as possible when you have sex, The Squat is what you need.

The position is, as the name reveals, the woman squatting down on the man.

Christmas sex positions: The Squat
Image source: Golf support

Suppose you are a little less adventurous and would instead want to stick to the typical missionary position. In that case, you’ll probably not get any stomach cramps the next morning, as the position is not even on the list.

However, there are some variations of the missionary, according to GolfSupport’s chart. Check all the positions below!

Image source: Golf support

Nice information! Now you will be in top shape after (or even before) Christmas!

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