Health: 7 reasons why you should always pee sitting down

When we talk with friends, family, or coworkers, we usually avoid going into detail about what happens during a bathroom visit. Such a thing is quite natural as it is unpleasant to imagine others doing their business. However, peeing and pooping is the body’s way of getting rid of waste, nothing to be ashamed of.

How we use the toilet is, of course, our own choice. But there are, like always, people who lack common sense and etiquette in public bathrooms.

Multiple times, during the spawn of our lives, we’ll come across a bathroom stall in such poor condition, that we only go in if it is an actual emergency. If you can relate – you’ve also probably wished men would just sit down on the toilet to do their business, whether it is number one or number two.

Not only is it vital for public bathrooms hygiene, but there are also health benefits to it. Below, we can see seven good reasons to start sitting down to pee!

1. Hygiene

No one  absolutely no one  wants to sit on someone’s old urine. No matter how good you think you are at “aiming,” a stream of liquid from that height will always splash. That’s just physics.

For the sake of those that come in after you: sit down!

2. Easier to empty the bladder

It is easier for the body to empty the bladder if men pee sitting down. The pressure on the bladder is stronger, creating more compression, which means most of the pee inside will come out.

Sitting down will leave us with more efficient visits to the toilet, especially for older men.

3. You can use your phone

Just like when you are taking a poop, getting a bit of a break for yourself can help you relax. You can take it easy and maybe pull out your phone and scroll through your social media a bit. Who knows? You might even find yourself fancying a little poo.

pee sitting down
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If you are at work, you also get paid to do so – a win-win!

4. Sitting down is more convenient

What is more comfortable: sitting down or standing up? The answer to that question is obvious: the first option.

Sure, it may take a few seconds longer, but it’s definitely more convenient. Embrace your inner laziness and sit down!

5. Good for your health

40% of all men over the age of 50 have an enlarged prostate, making it harder to urinate standing up.

“If more men sat down, the urologists would have to treat fewer patients,” believes Fred Helgesen, founder of Prostata Scandinavia.

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6. Never fight about putting the seat down again

The constant fight about putting the seat up and down would go away if everyone just sits down on the toilet.

Women sit down to go number one and two, and men sit when they poop. Why then can men not just as easily sit down when they pee?

7. Peeing for a better sex life

Getting out as much liquid as possible, on the toilet, is good for the prostate, as mentioned above.

A healthy prostate also makes for better sex life, and who would say no to that?

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