List: 37 weird things all couples do but will never admit

After being in a relationship for long enough, we all become more comfortable, maybe even a bit lazy. Of course, there are both pros and cons to this.

Couples should be able to relax around each other. But at the same time, it can be nice to maintain the romance you had when you first fell in love.

But it is almost impossible for things to stay like rainbows and sunshine all the time. Anything can trigger an argument during a bad day. However, we usually keep those things private.

With that in mind, inspired by the site Buzzfeed, we have collected 37 secret things that couples do but will never admit. Most of us can probably relate to many of these!

This should, of course, be taken with a pinch of salt. It is not an exact science – but it can be fun to get an insight into what others are up to behind closed doors.

As I said – don’t take it too seriously. This is not something to be upset about. Maybe you’ll learn something new!

Here are 37 secret things that many couples do!

1. Carefully examining each other’s noses and looking for snot before going out.

2. Cleaning each other’s ears.

3. Helping each other get that crust out off the edges of the eyes in the mornings.

4. Poping each other’s pimples.

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5. Smelling each other to decide whether a shower is needed or not.

6. Sniffing the other person’s clothes to see if they need to be washed.

7. Talking to each other across the house while in the bathroom.

8. Conversating even when one is going “number two,” if you are really comfortable with each other.

9. Having dinner with the same fork if needed.

10. Pulling hairballs out of the shower drain, well aware that they contain pubic hairs.


11. Peeing in the shower that you both use daily.

12. Jumping in the bath after the other has already been there. So that the water is both a little dirty and lukewarm – it’s not a problem.

13. Sharing a towel.

14. Sharing a toothbrush on shorter trips when one forgets theirs at home.

15. Crawling under the same blanket, even if it is a bit crowded.

16. Using the other person’s clothes when bored because the smell reminds you of the person in question.

17. Scanning your partner’s teeth to see if there are any food leftovers.

18. Licking your fingers – and then rubbing food out of your partner’s face.

19. Eating dessert with the same spoon.

20. Pulling out a strange hair growing on the other person’s back.

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21. Showing each other the tiny hairs on your nipples.

22. Checking a sore spot on your partner’s ass – and confirming it is a pimple.

23. Squeezing the ass pimple.

24. Looking for warts on each other’s feet.

25. Examining the other’s feet to determine if that loose and half-dead skin may be athlete’s foot.

26. Finding a diagnosis together after seeing a rash on one’s body.

Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

27. Cleaning up after the other when they are too drunk to do it.

28. Kissing each other in the morning – even though neither has brushed their teeth.

29. Having sex whether or not it’s been a day since the last shower.

30. Helping your partner get rid of ingrown hairs.

31. Not flushing after urinating to save water.


32. Taking over the other person’s chewing gum because it was the last one in the package, and they have a bad conscience because you wanted it too.

33. Doing strange nude dances in front of your partner.

34. Making your worst faces to impress your other half.

35. Pushing out your stomach as far as you can to show them how bloated you are.

36. Wear old, worn, and ugly underwear – even while flirting with each other before sex.

37. Spending 10 hours straight together on the couch in worn, old clothes – without doing anything other than eating junk food and watching TV. Then, finally, realizing that you have never been this in love before…

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