New List: 10 secret things we do when we are home alone

Being alone at home is quite nice. Especially if you spend most of your time surrounded by people. When it happens, those moments alone feel like a quick yet luxurious vacation.

It is also a great opportunity for some personal pleasures that may not be suitable around others. Of course, this also applies to those living on their own. But for them, it is not a luxury and more a way of life.

Of course, it’s cozy when all the family is together, but I think most of us can agree that it’s nice to have a moment to ourselves every now and then!

That’s why here, with inspiration from the Mexican illustrator Idalia Candelas, we have listed ten of the best things about being alone at home as an adult!

I think that several of the images are spot on – and most people can probably relate, even if they don’t want to admit it!

1. You can lie down and pass the time exactly where and how you want – there’s no one to judge you!

Time alone 01

2. You can be in just your underwear without anyone telling you to put some clothes on!

Do what you want 02

3. You can even walk around in your birthday suit. Also, no need to close the bathroom door!

time alone 03

4. A mess? Who cares! Clean later when you feel like it!

want 04

5. You can take a break in silence, drink coffee and look out the window. Nothing but you and your thoughts!

alone 05

6. Your bed, your rules!

7. You can lie on the bed all day if you want. No one can make you get up or do any boring chores!

8. You can sleep in as much as you want, dress how you want – and also take up the whole bed!

Image source (all):  Idalia Candelas

9. You can sing out loud in the shower without hearing any complaints!

want 09

10. You can eat whatever you want! The perfect time to have your favorite junk food!

alone 10

Which of these points was your favorite?

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