New photos: 15 pictures that prove why winter is the most hilarious season

Winter is a tough season for a lot of people. It gets dark outside, and the snow and cold can cause a lot of inconveniences. But it’s also a season of laughter and joy – which makes perfect sense when you look at some of the things that nature is capable of!

1. This doesn’t look too safe!

Source: Alina Willner

2. Not even fenced parking lots are safe from winter’s antics…

Source: Gags Center

3. You’re shaped by your environment… especially in winter!

Source: Pinterest / D-A-N-Y

4. It isn’t easy hiding your tracks…

Source: Pinterest / Gordy King

5. Whoops!

Source: Pinterest / Zoran Putnik Jovanovic

6. Poor car!

Source: Laverne Woode

7. Winter gives you ample opportunity to accessorize on the road.

Source: Pinterest / Artist

8. No comment…

Source: Pinterest / Matt Loulanting

9. Wow, this is amazing!

Source: Pinterest / Derek Croxton

10. “Now where did I put my snow shovel…”

Source: Pinterest / Kim Elam

11. Winter can be very chilly – so you can’t be picky about where to rest.

Source: Pinterest / LOLFunny Images

12. Like I said… You can’t be picky.

Source: Pinterest / Grit Lippisch

13. “Doesn’t this thing go any faster? Run, human!”

Source: Pinterest / Andrew von Rosenbach

14. How cool is this?!

Source: optism2020

15. “Timmy, maybe you should stay home from school today…”

Source: Pinterest / Svetlana Antonova

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