New pictures: 11 creative toilet signs that are guaranteed to make you laugh

Signs and markings exist to make things easier for us. They’re supposed to be clear in their meaning, and you should be able to understand the gist of them without thinking. However, that makes a lot of signs pretty boring.

But when sign makers let their creativity flow, then things get really interesting. A sign that conveys something with humor can really make you take notice and make your day more fun. WC signs in particular give you a lot of creative leeway and opportunity to mess around.

For that reason, we’ve compiled 11 of the most hilarious WC signs. I can guarantee that you’ll be smirking throughout! These are absolutely ingenious!

1. It’s well-known that men and women go to the bathroom for different reasons…

2. Sure, I had to think twice about this one, but it really makes perfect sense!

3. Simple, but effective!

I love number 7!

4. I admit, this one took me a few seconds…

5. A smart way of labeling a unisex toilet!

6. Using pizza to as a toilet sign – who the hell came up with this one?

7. Haha, this one is my absolute favorite!

8. For the families that love superhero movies!

9. Finally a restroom that fits me!

10. Standers and sitters? I guess it’s true!

11. Now this is simply genius!

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