Only in Russia: 10 unique ways Russians enjoy their weekends

If there’s something you do not care about if you are Russian, it’s what other countries think about you!

In Russia, you live your own adventure, pretty simple. Even though we think that what they’re doing is nothing but madness in the east, that’s the least of their worries. Maybe that’s why there are a lot of myths about Russians – including loving vodka and cold.

Of course, that’s not actually true about every single Russian, but more importantly, it’s fun to think it is and joke about it. It’s bad to be mocked or ridiculed – but to have a little fun, one must take it, you know, grow a thick skin, like the Russians! I don’t think that they have any problems with it!

A little like us Swedes play around with Norwegians and Norwegians do with us!

Therefore, as an inspiration from Viralpressen, we have collected 10 unique pictures that reveal how to have the best weekend in Russia!

1. Make a pool out of a tractor tire! Why not?

Russian DIY Bath

2. Or out of a container? Even better!

Magestic Russians

3. Birthday party, gotta cut the cake gently, with a chainsaw!

4. Hanging out never was this explosive, and stylish!

5. When you want to bathe extra warmly in Russia, because reasons.

6. Oh my, is this party about to become more… electric?

7. A lovely ladies’ get-together!

8. Do you think he’ll get a big one?

9. One more “pool”. This time with a construction twist…

10. How about takinge a cozy bath with his pet snakes… adorable!

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