Here’s the luxury sofa – shaped like a giant hot dog

Every day is sausage day for wiener lovers. When most people think of sausages, they probably think of a hot dog – a universal dish that people of all ages can enjoy.

Everyone can appreciate the delicious taste of a recently grilled sausage inside a bun. You can add mayo, ketchup, mustard, chopped onions, or crushed potato chips. The sky is the limit.

In other words, it is no exaggeration to call sausages one of the most common foods in America. You can find them anywhere: street vendors, sports stadiums, the movies, etc. Truly a versatile and delicious treat.

But now, all sausage lovers can rejoice. If you, for some reason, feel a lack of hot dogs in your life: the hot dog couch might be for you.

Finally, the dream is true! Now you can come home from work, make a few wieners – and enjoy them while sitting on a giant and comfy hot dog.

This is the world’s first hot dog couch.

hot dog sofa
Image source: Neiman Marcus

Veggie pillows for the hot dog

Behind this dreamy sofa is the luxury department store Neiman Marcus.

Together with hot dog lovers, they have created the ultimate sofa for everyone who is really passionate about wieners in a bun.

You even get a slice of a cucumber and a slice of tomato, as pillows!

Image source: Neiman Marcus

Breathtaking price tag

But as with everything else in the world: if it looks too good, it probably costs accordingly. The world’s yummiest sofa costs no less than $7,100.

giant hot dog couch
Image source: Neiman Marcus

However, you get an incredible piece of craftsmanship that any lucky owner would surely appreciate. If you zoom in, the amount of work put on the details is amazing.

sausage sofa
Image source: Neiman Marcus

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