Here’s the poop alarm – sets off when you stay too long in the bathroom

Everyone may not want to admit it – but is there not many things more relaxing than a peaceful visit to the bathroom. Right?

It is usually quiet, comfortable, and satisfying. You get a moment to yourself while the body gets rid of the extra weight.

It’s not uncommon to sit there for 20 minutes or more. It’s like time goes faster while you are in there – especially if you are doing a “number two”.

Now, however, comes a gadget that can help you cut down on all the slow toilet visits.


We have all been through that stressful situation when we suddenly feel a rumble in the jungle – and would give anything to find a toilet. The feeling you get once the pants are off and the coast is clear – is hard to beat.

Meet the poop alarm

There is always a risk to stay in there for a bit too long, enjoying the silence and quietness. Soon, 20, 30 minutes have gone by – and then you, unfortunately, realize you have to run back to your obligations.

However, now there’s a gadget that will stop you from missing important stuff by stopping you from staying too long in the bathroom. It is probably extra useful for women and men who are tired of their partner hogging the bathroom for hours every week.

poop alarm
Photo: Amazon / Toilet Timer

It is a poop timer that, like an hourglass, lets sand run down – and it only gives you 5 minutes to do your business. Once the time is up, you can no longer sit down – as you have to get up to turn the timer’s alarm.

Then it’s easy to keep a good flow in the bathroom – and this gadget might light a fire under those really slow poopers.

Celebrated online

The timer is available in three different variants – the father, the president, and the white elephant. Of course, it works for anyone and will only set you back $15.

Maybe it’s worth it to get your partner out of the toilet faster.

poop alarm
Photo: Amazon / Toilet Timer

The product was an instant viral success.

“This is awesome, a quality product that helps those easily distracted to stick to the task at hand. The perfect gag gift.” Says a review on Amazon.

bathroom timer
Photo: Amazon / Toilet Timer 

A fun gadget that can also make the slow poopers hurry up – it doesn’t get better than this!

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