New Product: This plug will stop your farts from stinking

Everyone farts from time to time – it’s a natural thing.

At the same time, we all have that friend who picks the worst possible times to do this, it’s a part of their personality. However, the rest of us (those with some shame) usually wait for the comfort of our bathroom to do it, or at the very least to be alone.

What’s worse, these people’s farts usually smell like death – and if you get caught in the vicinity, getting waterboarded instead suddenly doesn’t sound that bad.

Not long ago, we wrote about pills that can make farts smell good – and the feedback was great.

You all seem to know someone who likes to pass gas among friends and/or family – and even though it’s not a nice thing to do, there is a bit of comedy behind it.

The perfect gift

It is important always to try to see the humor in any situation – laughter is not only the best medicine, but it also makes everything better.

Image: Flickr

Some time ago, the product “Fart ​​Stoppers” was introduced to the market. It is a cork-based plug to put between the buttocks – which will then prevent your fart’s bad smell from coming out.

“If you think ‘Life is a Gas,’ keep it to yourself! Do your share to eliminate gas leakage, and don’t make a big stink about it! What a funny item to hand out to that stinky one you know!” says the product description on eBay.

farts plug
Image: eBay

Do you know someone who likes to break wind a bit too often? If yes, then this may be the perfect gift.

Putting a cork plug between the butt cheeks may sound a bit drastic, but remember that this is meant as a joke more than something you’d actually use.

Farts called out

Of course, it is a real product. There is a small shipping fee, but the whole thing costs under $8. Quite the steal if you ask me!

butt plug
Image: Shutterstock

So what are you waiting for? I’ll definitely buy a few “plugs” like this for my colleagues who fart a little too often, and I think most of us know someone who needs to be called out on their stinky behavior.

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