Teens buy cases of alcohol without having to show their ID – thanks to a new, simple method

Most people make their alcohol debut before they are within legal age.

In America, the minimum legal age for buying alcohol is 21. However, it is hardly a challenge for teens to get their hands on beer, wine, and other alcoholic drinks.

Now, a recent trend online allows young boys and girls to buy alcohol without even having to show identification, writes The Mirror.

Even though young adults over the age of 18 can legally drink alcohol in most states, it’s only 3 years later that the law enables them to purchase it independently. However, most people become familiar with alcohol much earlier than that.

Using face masks for alcohol

A new trend has surfaced on the popular social media app TikTok. In the short viral clips, you can see teens successfully buying beer, hard liquor, and wine even though they are not of legal age. The method is new, simple and clearly seems to work.

In a way, they take advantage of the coronavirus pandemic and the controversy around wearing masks in public.

teens buying alcohol
Photo: TikTok

To avoid showing a valid ID, the youngsters dress up as older people. But an extra detail makes it much more difficult for the staff to see through their disguise.

teens and alcohol
Photo: TikTok

Face masks are the cherry on top. As we urge each other to use them now that public health is in jeopardy, they cover about half of the face. All that’s left for the young boys and girls is to adorn the rest of their bodies with accessories that you can usually see on older people.

Nothing to encourage

A wig, a mask, thick glasses, and traditional clothes can make anyone look much older. But adding the face mask on top takes things one step further. After all, who would bother a grandma that might be risking her life to buy groceries?

Although the whole thing is very illegal, the clips showcasing proud teens displaying their deception skills quickly earn millions of views online.

Photo: TikTok

And even though this is not something to encourage, you have to admit that it’s an incredible display of creativity. Hopefully, this can raise awareness for store staff, so this trend doesn’t become an everyday thing.

Photo: TikTok

As with TikTok guidelines, “footage that offers the purchase, sale, or trade of unlawfully acquired goods, will be promptly removed.” It is hard to find clips that haven’t been taken down. Here is a Youtube re-upload of the video in question. Be warned that it might get taken down soon because of what’s stated above.

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