The new trend this summer is to put tiny vaginas on your fingernails

Suppose you want to understand ​​what is considered stylish, hip, or cool these days. In that case, you must have a quick eye, as it feels like trends now come and go faster than ever.

We’ve talked before about how fashion trends can shift from super-tight clothes with nothing left to the imagination, to ones so loose that it is a miracle they stay on.

And not only clothes that follow trends. Make-up, hairstyles, and even nails can be made fashionable. However, the latest fashion trend has raised strong reactions online.

It involves putting cute little vaginas on your nails.

You can now find many posts with vaginal art on nails on social media.

A vagina tribute

The trend is said to have started at the American nail salon Fingerbang Portland.

Decorating your nails with vaginas of various shapes is intended as a tribute to the vagina, the source of human life.

The new trend has spread like wildfire around the world.

The nail designs all look different, like their authentic counterparts.

Paying tribute to the vagina is actually a good idea, especially after the heavy loss women suffered in the supreme court.

Hundreds of vaginas

The posts on Instagram with the hashtag #vaginanails are in the thousands at the time of writing.

I hope this is the only way for the same person to have ten different vaginas.

Here, the pearl symbolizes the clitoris.

Would you like to have a few vaginas on your nails as well?

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