Bag full of dildos found โ€“ but who is the owner?

These are frustrating times โ€“ we await for a vaccine to finally put an end to this year-long pandemic. Not only have employment and the economy taken a hit, but we can’t even go out to have dinner without getting stressed about other people.

It sounds pretty rough, but at least it’s not โ€“ losing a bag full of your precious sex toys on some random street โ€“ rough.

A bag carrying a pretty sizeable dildo collection was found in Bridgwater, UK, in the middle of the street. Now authorities are searching through social media for the legitimate owner, reports Ladbible.

Residents of the quiet small town of Bridgwater in the county of Somerset, England, were shocked a few weeks ago when an abandoned bag was found in the middle of the street inside the city center.

“But it’s just a bag; why would anyone be mad about that?” You might ask. Well, what caused the uproar on the residents was the contents of the bag. Let’s just say things went viral after the discovery.

Packed with dildos

The bag was filled to the brim with dildos and other sex toys. Ready to satisfy any body orifices and parts you can imagine.

bag of dildos
Image source: Facebook

In a picture published in a local Facebook group, you can see around a dozen sex toys scattered in the middle of the street. 

But who owns this sex toys bag?

At the time of writing, no owner has come forward.

people need them
Image source: Shutterstock

It is also unclear whether the sex toys are used, brand new or their overall condition. The mystery might reach a climax when the owner of the toys simply becomes too horny and has no other option than to reclaim their precious collection.

dog of dildos
Image Source: Ladbible

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