Christmas gets bolder than ever: New ornaments that look like vaginas

Christmas gets bolder than ever: New ornaments that look like vaginas

Decorating the tree with your family is a tradition that goes very far back in time.

You eat some stuffed turkey, drink a lot of eggnog and witness how your home is filled with the Christmas spirit.

It‘s great to honor traditions, but if you feel that your Christmas decorations look the same year after year, there is now something that will reinvigorate the Christmas tree.

It requires, however, that you have a family that can take a little of dirty humor — the items are vagina-shaped Christmas spheres, writes the site Pretty 52.

Well, we guarantee these decorations will get your Christmas dinner guests talking, and boost your tree decoration to a level you never thought it would reach.

The global marketplace for handcrafted products, Etsy, hosts the shop feltmelons, responsible for these bold Christmas decorations, called Vaginament, made by hand in Burlington, Canada. There’s a variety of colors available so everyone can season their Christmas tree to their liking.

Clitoris bell

This ornaments are anatomically accurate and even have a little bell that looks like the clitoris.

The decorations are only 3” by 4”, so you do not have to worry about freaking out relatives too much.

Vagina ornament
Image Source: Etsy

Was trying to make animal decorations

Behind the daring Christmas ornaments lies Suzanne McAleenan from Canada. It all began as a project when she wanted to make some woodland animal ornaments for her children’s teachers.

“I thought nothing of whipping up a few animal ornaments. Well. Turns out I’m not so much an animal ornament maker. So vagina ornaments happened, or Vaginaments,” she writes on the page.

Image Source: Etsy

A massive success

The vagina-themed decorations sell like hotcakes and many happy customers have left thankful reviews online.

“The absolute cutest little thing and I can’t wait for it to be up on my Christmas tree this year!” Writes a customer.

“I absolutely love this ornament. The shop owner is great and contacted me when she shipped. She also sent a personalized note with my Vaginament.” Writes another customer on the site.

I think these ornaments are awesome, but they have to be taken with a little bit of humor. Remember to press that share button so your filthy-minded friends can see this!