Giant shoe beds are now available for all slipper-loving dogs – and the internet can’t get enough!

When you have a dog, it’s not rare to see the little devil running away with socks, shoes or slippers in its mouth.

Some owners try their best to teach the animal, while others just accept the situation and end up wearing saliva coated shoes. It’s very hard not to fall for those sweet, sorry and loving eyes. Which make it even harder to stay mad at the doggy.

I read before that dogs like to steal socks and shoes because they smell like the owner. At the same time, I am sure that there are a lot of chewed slippers out there that didn’t become dog toys just because of the fragrance.

Anyway — regardless of what you do with the shoes, the perfect gift for your puppy is here. Maybe it’s something he or she will get for Christmas? This bed will, probably, get your dog to stop chewing up your crocs.


slippers crocs bed
Picture: Amazon.

It is the company Sasquatch Pet Beds that came with this brilliant invention. The odor-resistant and removable fleece lining inside makes it easy to clean — and the sofa in the living room doesn’t have to suffer from the smell of grandpa’s old chewed up shoes.


A luxurious slipper

This unique dog bed is available through and is available in yellow, pink, beige and black. In other words, it‘s possible to customize the bed to fit your home.

Slippers Crocs beds for pets
Great for cats as well. Picture: Amazon.

In addition, it does not have to be too expensive to buy the optimal Christmas gift for your dog. The yellow and pink beds cost $50 each at the time of writing this article. But, if you want the fawn(beige), or midnight(black), they are now orbiting the $100. The colors are more discrete and are probably easier for the eye (that explains the higher price).

According to the site Unilad, the dog bed is a big success, selling out within a week every time they are re-stocked.

At the same time — if you want to keep it at a budget level, you can still go to the nearest shoe shop and buy a regular pair of slippers. Honestly, your dog will still be very happy.

However, I will definitely get one for my dog! The bed looks beautiful and stylish. Now press that share button to spread this important message to your friends, or tag a friend that loves to buy gifts for their pets!