Research: Having a sister makes you a better and happier person

I’ve always gotten along with my siblings. Of course, when we were kids, we used to do all kinds of mean things to one another. But as we grew older, we started appreciating each other more and more. I think maturity has a lot to do with it – having family that you’re close with really is a blessing!

However, I never thought much about whether my brother or sister have affected me in different ways. I almost see them as the same person, even though they’re so different. Research has now shown that sisters have an especially positive influence on their siblings – they simply make our lives better!

This was first discovered in a 2010 study published in The Journal of Family Psychology. The researchers studied 400 families with more than one child. The researchers found that sisters strongly improved their siblings’ mental health.

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The study also found that those who had a “sis” had more empathy, were better communicators and were better at resolving conflicts. A similar report by Brigham Young University has now confirmed these findings.

Laura Padilla-Walker, the lead author of the study, says that even though some siblings often fight with each other, the experience makes them learn how to make up and regain control of their emotions, both of which are invaluable skills as they get older.


“As long as there is affection, the positives will outweigh the negatives in the long run,” Padilla-Walker said.

Even if siblings don’t always get along, there’s still no doubt that having a brother or sister generally leads to a better childhood.


Siblings – friends for life

It shouldn’t come as a shock that young girls are generally more talkative and communicative than young boys. So if you have a sister, chances are that you will imitate and copy her positive traits.

One of the main things studied in the report was responsibility. If there’s a sister in the family, then the siblings are likely to maintain a strong bond, even after their parents have passed away.

So even if siblings fight every now and then, it’s nothing but a few bumps in the road. Your relationship is likely to keep going strong in the future – you’ve got a friend for life!

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