Here’s the alarm clock that wakes you up with an orgasm – feel sensual and happy in the morning

The sound of one’s own alarm clock, for most, is probably linked with irritation and fatigue.

When the bell rings, you want nothing more than to throw that damn thing out the window and fall right back to sleep.

However, you know that it’s time to get up if you do not want to start the morning stressing all the way to work.

Now, however, an invention will make every woman’s morning… more comfortable.

Instead of waking up annoyed and cranky, you can wake up “sensual, happy and confident” – thanks to Little Rooster, the new orgasmic alarm clock.

alarm clock vibrator
Image source: Little Rooster

Wake up with vibrations

Little Rooster is a vibrator with an alarm clock.

It works by setting, on the vibrator, the time you’d like to wake up and then put this “alarm clock” inside your panties, with the wider part facing the clitoris.

alarm clock vibrator
Image source: Little Rooster

When it’s time to wake up, the clock rings and vibrates at the same time.

Most importantly, the vibrator has different levels, it begins, as it should, with calm vibrations, and then increases slowly in strength for five minutes until orgasm is reached and you are awake, happy, and sharp, ready to face a new day.

There’s a snooze feature

If you need your time and can’t come within the first five minutes, Little Rooster has you covered.

Of course, the alarm clock/vibrator is equipped with a snooze function with a total of 30 different levels, so don’t worry, there is no rush.

alarm clock vibrator 3
Image source: Public domain pictures

What a great invention! However, there is a great risk of staying in bed with this clock!

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