Here’s the new tilting toilet to get employees to poop less and work more

Most of us probably go to the bathroom a few times during the day.

If you are at work feeling unproductive or stuck, you might want to escape from your desk for a bit, to recharge and start over with a clean sheet. The bathroom, for this, seems like the perfect solution, a bit longer than usual bathroom brake will get you ready and fired up to get back to work. But a company wants to put an end to this, reports The Independent.

Probably most of us like to sit a few more minutes in the bathroom at work, looking at our phones or just trying to get back on track with the day. But now a new toilet will prevent workers from sitting on it for too long, thanks to the toilet seat being tilted.

A 13-degree tilt

The “Standard Toilet” is the name of this new product, and it looks just like an ordinary toilet. It’s available in both floor and wall-mounted versions, but has a slight difference from other toilets. The seat itself is tilted 13 degrees downwards on the front, which basically means more pressure on your legs while sitting on it.

Image source: TV4

The idea is that the not-so-comfy position will limit employees’ time in the toilet, otherwise their legs will start hurting. This measure will reduce the length of toilet visits by as much as 25 percent, claims the creator, Mahabir McGill.

Unnecessary bathroom visits cost companies 4 billion pounds in the UK, equivalent to about 5,24 billion American dollars, every year. According to him.

Scandinavia describes it as “Bizarre”

Even though the idea is winning traction in the UK, the rest of Europe is more skeptical about the actual benefits of this new toilet. The Nordic countries, for example, made clear that this type of toilet will never be a thing in Scandinavia.

“It’s a bit like having a punch clock in the bathroom. As fierce as the labor market is today, people already have a hard time even finding time to go to the bathroom. So it’s bizarre to imagine a leaning toilet.” Said Cyrene Wärn, an expert in the working environment, in Swedish television.

A user made a video about it to raise awareness, with some very valid points.

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