Idiot assaults woman on an open street – now watch the background as the pig gets what he deserves

Hitting someone unprovoked is never okay. However, if it’s in self-defense or in defense of someone else, then that’s another matter.

Unfortunately, domestic violence is more common than most people think. What happens inside the walls of one’s home is often hard for the outside world to notice, even if something horrible is going in.

Society definitely needs to improve at dealing with this. People who regularly hit och assault their partners should be thrown in prison – or maybe get a taste of their own medicine?

One day outside court, this Turkish couple headed home on the streets of Istanbul. The husband was very upset, probably because of what his wife had said in court – and it wasn’t long until he started hitting her repeatedly.

She fell to the ground, and it looked like things were about to get really messy.

“The woman cried and screamed for help,” a witness tells The Sun.

But suddenly, a hero starts charging toward the brute. His head is down and he is approaching at ramming speed. The abusive man had no idea that he was about to get a taste of his own medicine.

Just watch the clip below, more than 2 million people have already done so!

Soon after the abusive man starts raining blows on his wife, a total stranger sees what’s happening and heroically intercedes. A large crowd quickly gathers to help the woman, and soon the situation is under control.

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