Man burns his house down after seeing a tiny spider

Spiders are not exactly the nicest thing to come across at your house. Most of them, however, are safe and even good for the home as they keep it clear from insects. Still, most people try to get rid of these unwanted guests.

Most of us (I hope) try to release them, alive, into the wild – but some people take more extreme measures against our eight-legged friends.

When a man from Arizona found a spider inside his home, panic struck. Out of all the many practical methods you can use to get rid of spiders, he decided to use a blowtorch.

Of course, it all ended in disaster, reports The Independent.

Set his house on fire

We recently wrote about a driver who drove off the road when she saw a tiny spider on the passenger seat.

The fear of spiders can be overwhelming for some. But some time ago, there were reports about a man from Tucson, Arizona, who took things to a whole new level.

His fear of spiders led him to set his house on fire, according to several news sites.

tiny spider
Image source: Seattle Fire Department

However, that was not his intention, but the webs around the spider caught fire from the blowtorch – and soon, the entire house was engulfed by flames. This clumsy man had to carry an elderly woman out of the house, but thankfully, everyone got away unharmed.

Tiny spider “fires” back

The 11 firefighters comprising the rescue team had to quickly get to the scene to put out the fire. It took them around 15 minutes to get the situation under control. The house was completely destroyed after the fire, and only the outer walls remained.

Image source: Seattle Fire Department

The man and woman received help from local organizations to have a roof over their heads after the fire.

Image source: Seattle Fire Department

However, they are not the only ones who caused a fire after a spider discovery. A man from Seattle used both a gas burner and spray paint when he encountered some small arachnoids in his living room – there were thousands of dollars in damages.

“There are safer and more effective ways to kill a spider,” said a spokesman for the Seattle Rescue Service.

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