Man consumes nothing but beer for 6 weeks and loses 44 pounds

After a long day of work, most of us crave that moment when you finally sit down with a cold beer in your hand to just relax. 

And if you get to sit outside and catch some sun, the beer tastes even better. You could just stay there, looking at the sunset and drinking, forever. However, thanks to adult responsibilities, drinking beer all day it’s not a possibility.

The man in our story, however, went for it. All he consumed was beer – for 46 days – and after losing over 44 pounds, he feels “better than ever”, reports Ladbible.

Earlier this year, for Lent, which went from March 6 until April 20, Del Hall, a man from Ohio, lived exclusively on beer. The inspiration for the somewhat odd diet came from 18th-century monks in German Bavaria.

Shedding weight by drinking beer

Del actually lost weight by drinking only beer for 46 days.

“I’m feeling great! I went from 292.5 to 248.5. I lost 44 pounds. Not a single cheat! I plan to continue to lose weight through a protocol of intermittent fasting and portion control,” Del told Ladbible.

No end to his beer drinking

The best part is, no matter how ironic it may be, Del works at Fifty West Brewing Company in Cincinnati, Ohio, and doesn’t look like he’ll ever tire of drinking from their assortment of beers.

His first meal involved a “not so good” Bone Broth and he added: “So I was with a group of beer reps and I had a very small portion of guacamole… and it was heaven!”

The diet consisted of water in the mornings and between two and five beers at some point during the day.

“I normally have my first beer sometime in the afternoon and I might have one whenever I’m feeling a bit peckish. The majority of the beers I’m drinking are at home. When I get home at night I might have two to three beers at the house and that’s pretty much a typical day,” said Del to Ladbible.

Doesn’t recommend this method

Although the diet was super successful for Del, he doesn’t recommend others to try the same.

“No, I wouldn’t encourage others to try. There are probably better and healthier ways to lose weight,” he said.

Del was, however, ‘totally craving sushi’ during his diet, and I don’t blame him.

The dream diet – imagine having a few cold beers every day on top of a sixpack! Now press that SHARE button to help beer lovers lose weight!