New study: People who like gin and tonic have larger brains

New study: People who like gin and tonic have larger brains

There are many of us who like to mix an ice cold and tasty Gin and Tonic every now and then.

However, it is not only delicious – researchers have released a study that shows we G&T-lovers have larger brains.

Talk about great news!

Yes, according to the new report, there is a correlation between brain size and liking bitter flavors.

A larger brain

Researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia confirmed that the people who like tonic water have a larger brain than the average counterpart.

gin tonic larger brain

But if you think this news makes you automatically the smartest in the bar just because you order Gin and Tonic – you’re out of your mind! The study is not about intelligence.

Instead, it focuses on what impact your brain size can have on how you think food and drink taste.

“Whether you enjoy tonic water or not, people with bigger brains typically find it less bitter,” said researcher Daniel Hwang, who is behind the study, on the University’s website.

larger brain

Over 1,600 people from the United States and Australia took part in the study – having their brain size measured using an MRI scan.

Feels good to know

They also asked the participants to rank their experiences by tasting various sweet and bitter products. Participants, among other things, tasted the substance quinine, which is a bitter key ingredient in tonic water.

“We found that the left side of the entorhinal cortex, an area of the brain responsible for memory, smell, and visual perception, was larger in people who found quinine to be less bitter,” said Daniel Hwang.

Us who love Gin and Tonic, therefore, have larger brains than the rest! After all, it feels good to know that fact! Now press SHARE to pass on this good news with your big-brained friends!