You can now stay at the world’s first sausage themed hotel – sausages on the menu, the walls and in the beds

Staying at hotels can be a very special experience. You choose a room based on what you feel like at the moment, and since the stay is mostly just a few days or a week, it can be fun to try something a bit “crazy”, something you might not have the chance, or want, to experience at home, but still fun to try when you are on a trip.

And now you can stay at the world’s first sausage-themed hotel.

It’s located in Germany (not a surprise). Everything at the BB&BB hotel is about sausages, writes the site Ladbible.

The hotel, located in the Rittersbach region of Germany, has seven rooms, all of which have the same theme: Sausages. On the menu, you will find different types of sausages, while on the sausage-themed wallpaper walls, hang an assortment of dried sausages you can pick from, and even the beds are rocking sausage-shaped pillows.

sausage themed hotel
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An experienced butcher

The hotel’s owner, Claus Böbel, who decided to expand the family’s butcher business by opening a hotel for sausage lovers.

The hotel’s full name is BB&BB, which stands for Böbel, his name, and Bratwurst, the name of the restaurant that only serves sausages; and the other B’s stand for Bed and Breakfast.

Claus is a fourth generation butcher in his family, he has a well-honed knowledge about sausages, which the restaurant‘s menu reflects.

sausage-themed hotel
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Can attend sausage courses during your stay

In the restaurant, there is a variety of dishes. Sausage soup, sausage salad, sausage buffet, samples menu – for dessert, you can enjoy a scoop of sausage ice cream, or a slice of chocolate cake with sausage slices on top.

While you take a break from eating sausages, you can learn about them. You can see how sausages are made in a guided tour through the butcher shop – and, of course, eat more sausages while at it.

sausage-themed hotel
Image source: Facebook

A sausage-themed night in the hotel costs just under €100 (120 US Dollars) – which is perhaps a reasonable price for a sausage connoisseur such as yourself, right?

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