People want to change Santa’s name to make it more gender-neutral

Times have changed, passive misogyny and racism are no longer tolerated. It is important to follow the new “politically correct” standard in today’s society. A good thing, mostly.

Of course, the advantages outweigh the negative side of having to think before you speak. The fight for gender equality is going to take a while and everyone must embrace it.

However, there are always people that just take things too far, making the whole movement look silly and just exploiting these delicate times to attack things that they don’t like.

Recently, for example, a Christmas-related proposal has surfaced online, alongside the usual controversy.

Gained a lot of traction

It’s about changing Santa Claus’ gender – specifically the British name “Father Christmas” to “Person Christmas”.

So the person who brings our Christmas presents on December 24 will become gender-neutral, which some people consider important.

Unilad wrote first about this popular movement that continues to gain support and sites such as followed right after. All in all, the “proposal” has sparked a lot of debates – although it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere since people hardly take it seriously.

It’s unsurprising that this topic has gotten so controversial. Especially on social media where it has been discussed back and forth since 2017. With that said, some argue that there are good points behind the idea.

Want to get it more gender-neutral

The idea of ​​those who want to shake Christmas a little is that they want to change the name of “Father Christmas”, the way Britain refers to Santa Claus, to “Person Christmas”.

The reason is, of course, to make it more gender-neutral.

“The conversation just starts with gender-neutral clothing lines or gender-fluid imagery – we need to be hearing more of the voices and experiences of gender-fluid and non-binary people and genuinely start moving away from binary gender representations and fixed gender roles,” said Claudia Carvell, a member of the LGBT Foundation, according to Unilad.

What do you think – should Father Christmas become Person Christmas? or should it stay the same?

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