Researchers confirm: The miracle cure to avoid a cold this year – chocolate

Honey, lemon, tea, ginger, etc. The ways to fight the common cold are many.

But now, a study has shown another way to get rid of colds in general, particularly a cough — chocolate.

According to the British news site Daily Mail.

Behind the research lies Professor Alyn Morice, head of cardiovascular and respiratory studies at the University of Hull. He is a founding member of the organization whose purpose is to research coughs, the International Society for the Study of Cough.

Cocoa is our savior

That chocolate would help to get rid of your cough sounds crazy, but in chocolate, lies the secret ingredient, cocoa.

Theobromine, an alkaloid in cocoa, protects the nerve endings that trigger cough attacks, even better than regular cough medicine according to this study.

cough chocolate
Image source: Shutterstock

Decreased symptoms after two days

The study, a randomized and controlled trial that included 163 patients, showed that those who ate chocolate instead of taking regular cough medicine displayed reduced symptoms after two days of “medication”. Reports the Daily Mail.

Chocolate also contains other soothing agents such as sugar or sweeteners, which also helps to reduce the coughing.

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