Researchers confirm: Short people are angrier and more aggressive

Every person is born different. Some people are blonde, some dark-haired, some are tall, and others short. One can wonder, how would it be if everyone was the same?

However, can personality traits be linked to our external qualities? A study shows that shorter people are more aggressive than taller people, according to the site Injury Prevention.

According to the research, shorter individuals get angry easier and have a short fuse. This behavior comes from the person’s self-perception.

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Short people feel less masculine

They conducted the study on 600 men, between the ages of 18 and 50, at a research center in Georgia, USA. The study included questions about their self-image and how they looked at themselves in their surroundings.

The result showed that shorter individuals felt less masculine compared to taller men and then compensated this with aggressiveness to match their perception of masculinity. The phenomenon is called “male discrepancy stress”.

Short people anger
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Napoleon complex

Previous studies have shown the same results. A research team at Oxford University found that the shorter a person is, the more vulnerable they feel. The famous “Napoleon complex”.

Napoleon complex occurs when a person compensates for something they consider themselves to be lacking. In this case, short height with aggressiveness.

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