Spring is saved: Here’s the new wine – that tastes like gin & tonic!

While it’s still a bit cold up north, the sun is shining stronger every day and you can feel the spring knocking on the door.

Something I love is finally seeing outdoor bars and terraces open again, after a long and cold winter.

At these outdoor bars, it’s also time to let the Rosé Wine flow, along with the occasional gin & tonic.

From now on, however, you won’t have to choose between these two amazing drinks – since you can buy a gin flavored rose wine, writes the site Pretty 52.

Although we are still in February, you can feel spring approaching. Days are longer and I look forward to sunbathing on the patio of my favorite bar with a drink in my hand.

No more despair

If you usually hesitate to order a Gin & Tonic or a chilled glass of Rosé, despair no more.

The English wine manufacturer Echo Falls has now released a Gin & Tonic Rosé wine!

rosé wine gin tonic

“An early taste of summer”

This winemaker, who is known for his special flavored wines, has now developed a new type with the slogan: “An early taste of summer.”

“A match made in heaven! We’ve taken our fruity rosé and infused it with gin, to give you an early taste of summer!” They wrote on their Facebook page.

The wine, besides tasting like gin, also contains a strawberries and raspberries infusion – just like a beautiful summer day!

rosé wine gin tonic

What wonderful news – just what I needed to cheer up my day!

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