This bracelet will help you stop eating junk food – by giving you electric shocks

This bracelet will help you stop eating junk food – by giving you electric shocks

When we were kids, weekends usually meant pizza or burgers. But as adults, we get to choose when and how much junk food we eat.

Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to stop ourselves, it’s very hard to keep your fingers away from that last pizza slice, French fry or that tasty bag of chips from last weekend.

Going into a diet or new year’s “no junk food” resolution never ends well.

But now there is a bracelet that will put an end to your bad eating habits – by giving you electric shocks, reports the site 9gag.

The bracelet goes by the name of Pavlok, and was created to help its users end their bad habits, whether it’s smoking, eating fast food or sweets.

Get shocked when you eat junk food

The bracelet works by adding an unpleasant feeling when you are in the process of repeating a bad habit, for example, eating junk food.

The bracelet senses when your hand approaches your mouth, and it gives you a 350-volt electric shock.

After a while, the shocks should create a reluctance to repeat the bad habit, helping eliminate it for good.

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Image source: Youtube

Works on most bad habits

It’s not just eating junk food that can be fixed with Pavlok. According to the company, you can also get help with, for example, quitting smoking or eating candy.

The company wrote on the product website:
“Pavlok is your natural and lasting solution to quitting smoking, nail biting, hair touching, negative thinking, procrastinating, eating sugar, and more.”

However, it’s anything but cheap to get rid of your bad habits, because this bracelet costs $199.

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Image source: Pavlok

After all, this is perfect for all of us that can’t stop stuffing our face full of pizza – or any other junk food that crosses our path!

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