The heavier you are, the more free beer you get: Here’s the bar with the best happy hour in the world

To attract visitors, bars sometimes go with special offers or deals, like for example happy hour, which is appealing because you can get a much higher bang for your buck.

The question, however, is if there has ever been a bar with the same offer as the Fusion Club in Dubai – where you get more free drinks the more you weigh, reports the British site Metro.

Are you carrying around some extra weight from thanksgiving and plan to go to Dubai? Then a visit to the Fusion Club may be in order. They offer free alcohol depending on your weight.

One pound is worth half a dirham

When you enter the bar, which is located at a luxury hotel, you have to choose between weighing in on a scale or just writing down your weight on a note that you hand over to the bartender. For every kilogram (2,2 lbs) you weigh, you get a dirham, the local currency coin. So if you weigh 85 kilos or 188 lbs you get free beer and drinks worth 85 dirhams, which equals $23 more or less.

Image source: Shutterstock

“It’s good to gain weight”

The bar’s offer goes under the slogan “It’s good to gain weight”.

“We believe in being different than the rest of the night Clubs and hotels in making our guests happy. With different promotions at Fusion Club every month, which are often “crazy” and unique and are enjoyed by both men and women. We never force anyone to check their weight, we trust them and just serve whatever number they wrote on the paper without asking any questions and therefore we don’t see any reason for people to see bad intentions in the offer,” said Deputy Restaurant Manager Mr. Baburaj to Metro.

The offer actually expired back in August, but it was such a huge success that they will continue with the offer all year long.

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